Aug 16

Course Updates #2

Dear Entrepreneurs in Training,

The DNP team is listening to your demands and comments. Based on the feedback collected from our alpha cohort, we implemented some ammendments to the course content to make it more accesible and interactive.

Below you will find the key improvements to the program, please check them out:      

Course 1.1 Goal Setting and Productivity 


> Excess material was deleted for cohiseveness and simplicity.

> Quizzes were added to test your knowledge about the different frameworks explained throughout the unit.

> A new pdf about proscratination was added for revision.

Course 1.2: Resourcefulness 


 > Some quizzes were integrated for definitions revision -

Course 1.3: Patience and Resilence  


> New recommendations and webistes articles were added to the course to exemplify the theory.

Hope these changes enhance your learning experience. More changes coming !