Aug 11 / Theo Rb


LinkedIn was created with the assumption that everything is about “knowing the right people”. It was true in the Silicon Valley when Reid Hoffman - LinkedIn’s founder - launched the start-up back in 2002; it can be said about any industry and any places in 2021, and it is especially important for Digital Nomads. Building and leveraging a network is more important than ever and LinkedIn might be the most useful tool for that.
Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn's Founder

With a little less than 800 million accounts around the world, the platform is definitely the place to be for professional interactions in 2021 and a Digital Nomad can use it for many different purposes. First, it can be an excellent media to create and display a personal brand as well as a portfolio. It can thus be a tool to strengthen your promotion strategy and to increase your reach. Finally, it is a commonly used platform to network and connect with new people that could be very useful for your professional activities. 

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