Aug 10 / Theo Rb

Networking Masterclass

We have a new DNP Masterclass available right now on the course!

Yesterday evening, Elsa Monteith has been talking to us about Networking and has been sharing her experience on how to develop awesome communication skills, and great techniques to get the most out of any attempt to connect with other people. She reflected any lessons with an example from her own experience, and taught the attending founding members, even about the nuts-and-bolts part of sitting down and chasing people to connect.

This Masterclass have been recorded and will now temporarily be available at the end of the Personal Brand course here:
Next week, we are going to upload a new “Communications & Relationships” Course where it will then be moved!

Enjoy! and don’t hesitate to comment and interact!

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Don’t hesitate to react and comment on Elsa's outcomes on the forum here: 

We are sure everybody has different experiences or views on the subject and anything can be useful to the community!