Aug 9 / Theo Rb

How to show your work to the world!

Digital Nomads are constantly looking for companies that will agree to pay in exchange for their services. Communicating with those companies and managing relationships will thus be an important skill to have when canvassing potential clients. However, one thing might be even more important in the building of the personal brand: the shop window, or in other terms the portfolio website which will present your works and your expertise to the world, and will stand as proof what you are capable of doing!

Building a website is easy to do, as it can be executed with the help of platforms such as Wix, Worldpress, Squarespace, etc. Some of them have paying options to look more professional but most of the free ones are fine to start with and will provide you with an excellent place to showcase your works. You can learn how to build one easily on Wix here: in section 2. 
The course above also includes different advice on what to include on your website, especially for portfolio websites used by freelancers and digital nomads. Indeed, if a website can be designed for literally any activities, a portfolio must include a number of features (like a contact page for example) and would benefit in respecting a number of norms. If you are comfortable with this, you can go a bit further, as there are things to know about website management and how the internet works, with for example SEO Management.

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