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The nature of employment is changing rapidly. In the future, work will be more flexible, more remote, and more people will work for themselves.

Alongside these changes we want to see increased access to real opportunities regardless of background, and a shift in work/life balance: both wellness and sustainability.

The Digital Nomad Project is an educational not-for-profit helping young people across the UK embrace the Future of Work. 
The response has been overwhelming. From July 2021 to December 2021, with an original target of 65, we engaged over 400 young people and enrolled over 1,000 in our free programme. (The programme was so popular that in September we had to switch off our marketing!) We are particularly proud of the way our course has reached under-represented groups across the UK. Our cohorts are 49% people of colour and 72% women.

We have helped these young people learn fundamental freelancing skills, build a professional portfolio, and get hired to work with real companies. 
To support our graduates - and anyone who wants to work for themselves - we are developing a freelancer support platform: Launching at the end of 2022, this will contribute to the sustainability of The Digital Nomad Project. It will provide the same security, stability and benefits to the self-employed as those in traditional employment.  

We would particularly like to hear from potential partners: e.g. Training Organisations, FE Colleges, Schools, and Universities; Digital Agencies and Tech Communities; and anyone involved with those who want to work for themselves or gain the skills of the Future of Work. 

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Download the impact report
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This report was written and designed by some of our Digital Nomads (average age: 23!)
Elsa Monteith, 
Helena Traill, Youmin Ho, Theo Roux De Bezieux and Sofia Kvacha;
It features: 
Jefferson Iweh, Elsa Monteith, Helena Traill, Nial Gooch, Elisa Lazar, Mekkin Bjarnadottir, Fama Ture, and Zoe Thompson.

With thanks to:
Arbor Ventures - Chris Mathias, Robert Keane, Mark Mathias
Amplifii - Bex Perry
Berlin Institute of Technology - Tomasz Waliczko
Common Purpose - Marie Mohan and Team
City Gateway - Diane Betts and Team
The School of Marketing - Ritchie Mehta and Team
Levels - Michael de Giorgio and Team

And special thanks to our many advisors and contributors:
Beth Ann Snowden, 
Lara Antoine, Layo Aromire, Hannah Atkinson, Jennifer Banful, Calum Barlow, Sophie Barnes, Claire Barwick, Sushnitha Baskaran, Heiken Bautista, Francesca Bazzocchi, Mekkin Bjarnadottir, John Bloomfield, Kristen Boylan, Olivia-Jane Bradley, Adam  William Brown, Rachael Buchanan-Hughes, Phebe Burden, Siobhan Cafferkey, Cristiana Camisotti, Jordi M. Carter, Fred Chak, Saffron Clague, Max Claron, Alex Comyn, Lucia Corry, Mathilde Couturier-Dale, Mark Craddock, Joanna Cruse, Rob Dale, Kevin Davey, Ella Mae Davidson, Aldo de Pape, Alex Elkins, Melda Findikli Lynch, Zoe Foster, Inês Geraldes, Nial Gooch, Blaise Grimes-Viort, Sadaf Hamidi, Youmin Ho, Harry Hodges, Cloe Hotham, Abid Ismail, Jefferson Iweh, Holly James, Benalayefa Kagbala, Oyinkro Kagbala, Bal Kaur, Sofia Kvacha, Elisa Lazar, Suzie Lemons, Emma Lewis, Claire Louise, Roberta Lucca, Andrew Luton, Harry MacKenzie, Sarah Mallick, Adam Marshall CBE, Edmund Marshall Lovsey, Maria Martinez, Josh Mathews, 
Jennifer Mills, Elsa Monteith, Fariha Motala, Alice Mudie, Chloe Neil, Alex O’Byrne, Lizzie O’Connell, Nancy O’Connor, Marcus Oaten, Antri Pantoura, Emily Presland, Jasmine Rahman, Kassim Razak, James Ritson, Ian Roberts, Theo Roux de Bezieux, Megan Sanicki, Sophie Segun, Ed Seymour, Daiki Shinomiya, Alison Shipitofsky, Vanessa Shumirai, Jessica Sinton, Lucy Sitton, Elisha Smith, Beth Snowden, Jaime Tan, Conrad Taylor, Zoe Thompson, Leon Tong, Helena Traill, Meelie Traill, Aiden Tsen, Rainelda Herta Vircava...

...and everyone else who has been involved who we forgot to mention but most of all our Digital Nomads!