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Our vision

Our vision is to revitalise local communities and the wide UK economy through a vibrant network of self-reliant and energised young 'digital nomads'.
Our mission is to train 100,000 young people across the UK in the skills needed for the future of work, with a focus on helping those who have had less opportunity than their peers.
Our values

  • We see the value of both soft and technical skills to equip young people with the confidence, mindset, and motive to work with their wellbeing in mind.
  • We have built a network of versatile and dynamic freelancers, striving to make space for a community of like-minded young professionals to raise social capital both locally and globally.
  • Our course involves portfolio work inspired by real briefs and challenges to help our digital nomads graduate with a body of real work to win clients from the off.
  • We believe in self-employment, not jobs. Our vision is to grow local communities through upskilling, giving nomads an opportunity to take an active role in their communities