Our students

We want to provide a platform for our students to showcase their work and achievements - get a sneak peak into the projects our digital nomads are working on! 

Lara Antoine

 Writer, Video-editor, Podcaster and Creative
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Elsa Monteith

Writer and broadcaster
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Jessica Sinton

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Helena Traill

Digital Designer
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Nancy O'Connor

Junior Creative/Product Designer
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Aiden Tsen

Writer, Designer and Speaker
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Nial Gooch

Digital Animator
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Heiken Bautista

Designer (UI/UX/Graphic), Illustration, Low Code App Development (end-to-end product development); Writing
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Elisa Lazar

UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, Newsletters and Socia Media Marketing
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Oyinkro Kagbala

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 Jessica Carvalho

Artist (Media, Photography and Drawing)

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